Volume Units Conversion

Volume units conversion tool to convert metric, imperial, US Customary and other international units. Enter a value below and select the units to convert. The result is rounded to 4 decimal places by default.

The volume units in the converter:

"barrel (bbl), bucket, bushel, centiliter, cubic centimeter (cc, cm3), cubic decimeter (dm3), cubic dekameter, cubic foot (ft3), cubic inch (in3), cubic kilometer (km3), cubic meter (m3), cubic mile (mi3), cubic millimeter (mm3), cubic yard (yd3), cup (c), deciliter, dekaliter, dram, fifth, gallon (gal), gill, hectoliter, hogshead, kiloliter, liter (L), milliliter (mL), minim, fluid ounce (fl oz), peck, pint (pt), pipe, pony, quart (qt), shot, tablespoon (tbsp) and teaspoon (tsp)"

The most frequently used volume units:

The most frequently used volume units are liter (1 cubic decimeter), milliliter (1 cubic centimeter), fluid ounce, cup, pint, quart, gallon, cubic meter, cubic feet and cubic yard.

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