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Power Units

The power units in the power converter are attowatt, btu/hour[I.T.], btu/hour[thermochemical], btu/hour[15 °C], btu/minute[I.T.], btu/minute[thermochemical], btu/minute[15 °C], btu/second[I.T.], btu/second[thermochemical], btu/second[15 °C], calorie/hour[I.T.], calorie/hour[thermochemical], calorie/hour[15 °C], calorie/minute[I.T.], calorie/minute[thermochemical], calorie/minute[15 °C], calorie/second[I.T.], calorie/second[thermochemical], calorie/second[15 °C], celsius heat unit/hour, celsius heat unit/minute, celsius heat unit/second, centiwatt, cheval vapeur, clusec, deciwatt, dekawatt, dyne centimeter/hour, dyne centimeter/minute, dyne centimeter/second, erg/hour, erg/minute, erg/second, exawatt, femtowatt, foot pound-force/hour, foot pound-force/minute, foot pound-force/second, foot poundal/hour, foot poundal/minute, foot poundal/second, gram-force centimeter/hour, gram-force centimeter/minute, gram-force centimeter/second, gigawatt, hectowatt, horsepower, horsepower [electric], horsepower [mechanical], horsepower [metric], horsepower [water], inch ounce-force revolution/minute, joule/hour, joule/minute, joule/second, kilocalorie/hour[I.T], kilocalorie/hour[thermochemical], kilocalorie/minute[I.T.], kilocalorie/minute[thermochemical], kilocalorie/second[I.T.], kilocalorie/second[thermochemical], kilogram-force meter/hour, kilogram-force meter/minute, kilogram-force meter/second, kilopond meter/hour, kilopond meter/minute, kilopond meter/second, kilojoule/hour, kilojoule/minute, kilojoule/second, kilowatt, megajoule/hour, megajoule/minute, megajoule/second, megawatt, microwatt, million btu/hour[I.T.], milliwatt, newton meter/hour, newton meter/minute, newton meter/second, nanowatt, petawatt, pferdestarke, picowatt, poncelet, pound square foot/cubic second, terawatt, ton of refrigeration, var, volt/ampere, watt, yoctowatt, yottawatt, zeptowatt and zettawatt.

The metric system power unit is the watt (W) which is equal to one joule per second. The other common power units are kilowatt (kW), megawatt (MW), horsepower (hp), ergs per second (erg/s) and foot pounds per minute.

One watt (W) means an energy consumption of one joule per second, kilowatt (kW) means one thousand joules per second, megawatt (MW) means one million joules per second and gigawatt (GW) means one billion joules per second.

What is Power?

The power is the rate at which a work is performed or an energy is transferred. In other words, it is a measure of how quickly a work can be done. The power is often measured in watts, kilowatts and horsepowers.

The units of power are units of energy divided by time. The power calculation formula is:

Power = Work / Time

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