Specific Heat Capacity Converter

Convert heat capacity units, including joule per Kelvin, calorie per Celsius and BTU per Fahrenheit, with our heat capacity measurement units conversion tool. Input a value in the provided field and choose the heat capacity units you wish to convert between.


Specific Heat Capacity Units

The specific heat capacity units in the specific heat capacity converter are BTU/pound °C, BTU/pound °F, BTU/pound °R, calorie/gram °C, calorie/gram °F, CHU/pound °C, joule/gram °C, joule/kilogram °C, joule/kilogram K, kilocalorie/kilogram °C, kilojoule/kilogram °C, kilojoule/kilogram K.

The most common heat capacity units are kilojoule per kilogram celsius (kJ/kg°C), joules per gram celsius (J/g°C) and btu per pound fahrenheit.

What is Specific Heat Capacity?

Specific heat capacity is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a particular substance of mass (kilogram, gram, pound) by 1 degree (celsius, fahrenheit, kelvin).

For example, the heat capacity of water is 4186 joules/kilogram celsius. It means that the heat energy required to raise the water's temperature by 1 celsius is 4186 joules per kilogram.

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