Angle Conversion


Circular and Angle Units

The circular and angle units in the converter are circumference [full circle], degree [deg], gon, grade [grad], hour angle, mil [angular, military, NATO], mil [angular, military, USSR], mil [angular, military, Sweden], minute ('), nautical rhumb, octant [1/8 circle], point, quadrant [1/4 circle], radian [rad], revolution, right angle, second (''), sign, sextant [1/6 circle], turn, 1/2 circle.

The metric system angle unit is radian (rad) which is the angle subtended by an arc of a circle that has the same length as the circle's radius. The other common angle unit is degree which is 1/360 of a full circle.

To convert between radian and degree and for more information, please visit radian to degree.

An angle is a combination of two rays with a common endpoint.

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