Angle Conversion

Angle unit converter that handles a variety of angle units, including radian, degree, grad, minute and second. Choose the angle units for conversion below and click the 'Convert' button.


Circular and Angle Units

The circular and angle units in the converter are circumference [full circle], degree [deg], gon, grade [grad], hour angle, mil [angular, military, NATO], mil [angular, military, USSR], mil [angular, military, Sweden], minute ('), nautical rhumb, octant [1/8 circle], point, quadrant [1/4 circle], radian [rad], revolution, right angle, second (''), sign, sextant [1/6 circle], turn, 1/2 circle.

The metric system angle unit is radian (rad) which is the angle subtended by an arc of a circle that has the same length as the circle's radius. The other common angle unit is degree which is 1/360 of a full circle.

To convert between radian and degree and for more information, please visit radian to degree.

An angle is a combination of two rays with a common endpoint.

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