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Convert circular and angle units including degree, radian and grad, with our angle measurement units conversion tool. Input a value in the provided field and choose the angle units you wish to convert between.


Circular and Angle Units

The circular and angle units in the converter are circumference [full circle], degree [deg], gon, grade [grad], hour angle, mil [angular, military, NATO], mil [angular, military, USSR], mil [angular, military, Sweden], minute ('), nautical rhumb, octant [1/8 circle], point, quadrant [1/4 circle], radian [rad], revolution, right angle, second (''), sign, sextant [1/6 circle], turn, 1/2 circle.

The most commonly used units for measuring angles and circles include:

Radian (rad): The radian is the standard unit for measuring angles in the International System of Units (SI). One radian is the angle subtended when the radius of a circle sweeps out an arc equal to the length of the radius. There are approximately π (pi) radians in a circle.

Grad or Gon: The grad, also known as the gon or grade, is another unit for measuring angles. A circle is divided into 400 gradians.

Degree (°): This is the most common unit for measuring angles. A circle is divided into 360 degrees.

These units are widely used in mathematics, physics, engineering, and various other fields for measuring angles and rotations. Degrees are commonly used in everyday contexts, radians are prevalent in mathematical and scientific applications, and grads are sometimes used in specific technical or surveying contexts.

To convert between radian and degree and for more information, please visit radian to degree.

An angle is a combination of two rays with a common endpoint.

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