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How to convert cups to pints?

1 Cup is equal to 1/2 pint. To convert cups to pints, multiply the cup value by 0.5 or divide by 2.

For example, to find out how many pints in 4 cups, multiply 0.5 by 4, that makes 2 pints in 4 cups.

1 Cup = 0.5 Pint

How to convert pints to cups?

1 Pint is equal to 2 cups. To convert pints to cups, multiply the pint value by 2.

For example, to find out how many cups in a half pint, multiply 0.5 by 2, that makes 1 cup in a half pint.

1 Pint = 2 Cups

What is Pint?

Pint is an imperial and United States Customary measurement systems volume unit. There are 2 cups in 1 pint. The symbol is "pt".

What is Cup?

Cup is a metric and United States Customary volume unit. 1 Cup is equal to 0.5 pint. The symbol is "c".

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