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Area Units

The area units in this calculator tool are based on the metric and the Imperial area units. To convert all area units, please check all area conversions page.

Metric Area Units

The standard unit of area in the metric system is square metre. All other metric area units are either the fractions or the multiples of square metre. The most frequently used metric area units are square meter, square centimeter, square kilometer and hectare.

Here is the list from square meter to other common area units:

1 Square Metre =

  • 0.0002471053814671653 acre
  • 0.0001 hectare
  • 10000 square centimetres
  • 10.76391 square feet
  • 1550.0031 square inches
  • 0.000001 square kilometres
  • 1.19599 square yards

Imperial Area Units

In the imperial system, the most frequently used area units are acre (1 furlong * 1 chain) and square feet. The other imperial area units are perch (1 rod * 1 rod), rood (1 rod * 1 furlong), square inch, square mile and square yard.

Here is the list from an acre to other common area units:

1 Acre =

  • 0.404686 hectare
  • 160 perches
  • 4 rood
  • 43560 square feet
  • 6272640 square inches
  • 0.004046856422353576 square kilometres
  • 4046.856422 square metres
  • 0.0015625 square miles
  • 4840 square yards