Density Converter

Convert density units, including kg/m³, g/m³ and lb/ft³, with our density measurement units conversion tool. Input a value in the provided field and choose the density units you wish to convert between.


Density Units

The density units in the density converter are attogram/liter, centigram/liter, decigram/liter, dekagram/liter, exagram/liter, femtogram/liter, gigagram/liter, grain/gallon [UK], grain/gallon [US], grain/cubic foot, gram/cubic centimeter, gram/cubic meter, gram/cubic millimeter, gram/liter, hectogram/liter, kilogram/cubic meter, kilogram/cubic centimeter, kilogram/liter, microgram/liter, milligram/cubic meter, milligram/liter , nanogram/liter, ounce/cubic foot, ounce/cubic inch, ounce/gallon [UK], ounce/gallon [US], petagram/liter, picogram/liter, pound/cubic foot, pound/cubic inch, pound/cubic yard, pound/gallon [UK], pound/gallon [US], slug/cubic foot, teragram/liter, ton(short)/cubic yard, ton(long)/cubic yard.

The metric system density unit is kilogram per cubic meter.

What is Density?

The density is defined as the mass per unit volume. In other words, it is how heavy something according to it's size. If something is very heavy and small in size, it means its density is high.

The density calculation formula: Density = Mass / Volume.

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