Volume Flow Rate Converter

Convert flow volume units, including m³/s, ft³/s and L/s, with our flow volume measurement units conversion tool. Input a value in the provided field and choose the flow volume units you wish to convert between.


The volume flow unit converter above enables you to convert between different volume flow units used to measure the flow of fluids, gases, or liquids. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the converter:

1. Enter the value you want to convert.

2. Select the initial volume flow unit you wish to convert from.

3. Select the target volume flow unit you wish to convert to.

4. Click on the "Convert" button to get the converted value instantly.

The most popular volume flow units used in various systems include:

1. Cubic Meter per Second (m³/s) : Widely used in the Metric system, particularly in scientific and engineering applications.

2. Cubic Feet per Minute (cfm) : Commonly utilized in the Imperial system for measuring airflow in ventilation and air conditioning systems.

3. Liter per Second (L/s) : Prevalent in the Metric system for applications such as fluid flow in plumbing and small-scale industrial processes.

4. Gallon per Minute (gpm) : Widely used in the Imperial system, particularly in the United States, for measuring liquid flow rates.

These units are essential for different industries and applications and understanding their conversions is crucial for accurate measurements.

All Volume Flow Rate Units

The volume flow rate units in the volume flow rate converter are acre foot/day, acre foot/hour, acre foot/minute, acre foot/second, acre inch/day, acre inch/hour, acre inch/minute, acre inch/second, barrel/day, barrel/hour, barrel/minute, barrel/second, barrel [oil]/day, barrel [oil]/hour, barrel [oil]/minute, barrel [oil]/second, cubic centimeter/day, cubic centimeter/hour, cubic centimeter/minute, cubic centimeter/second, cubic foot/day, cubic foot/hour, cubic foot/minute, cubic foot/second, cubic inch/day, cubic inch/hour, cubic inch/minute, cubic inch/second, cubic meter/day, cubic meter/hour, cubic meter/minute, cubic meter/second, cubic yard/day, cubic yard/hour, cubic yard/minute, cubic yard/second, gallon [UK]/day, gallon [UK]/hour, gallon [UK]/minute, gallon [UK]/second, gallon [US]/day, gallon [US]/hour, gallon [US]/minute, gallon [US]/second, kiloliter/day, kiloliter/hour, kiloliter/minute, kiloliter/second, liter/day, liter/hour, liter/minute, liter/second, milliliter/day, milliliter/hour, milliliter/minute, milliliter/second, ounce [UK]/day, ounce [UK]/hour, ounce [UK]/minute, ounce [UK]/second, ounce [US]/day, ounce [US]/hour, ounce [US]/minute, ounce [US]/second.

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