Volume Flow Rate Units Conversion


Volume Flow Rate Units

The volume flow rate units in the volume flow rate converter are acre foot/day, acre foot/hour, acre foot/minute, acre foot/second, acre inch/day, acre inch/hour, acre inch/minute, acre inch/second, barrel/day, barrel/hour, barrel/minute, barrel/second, barrel [oil]/day, barrel [oil]/hour, barrel [oil]/minute, barrel [oil]/second, cubic centimeter/day, cubic centimeter/hour, cubic centimeter/minute, cubic centimeter/second, cubic foot/day, cubic foot/hour, cubic foot/minute, cubic foot/second, cubic inch/day, cubic inch/hour, cubic inch/minute, cubic inch/second, cubic meter/day, cubic meter/hour, cubic meter/minute, cubic meter/second, cubic yard/day, cubic yard/hour, cubic yard/minute, cubic yard/second, gallon [UK]/day, gallon [UK]/hour, gallon [UK]/minute, gallon [UK]/second, gallon [US]/day, gallon [US]/hour, gallon [US]/minute, gallon [US]/second, kiloliter/day, kiloliter/hour, kiloliter/minute, kiloliter/second, liter/day, liter/hour, liter/minute, liter/second, milliliter/day, milliliter/hour, milliliter/minute, milliliter/second, ounce [UK]/day, ounce [UK]/hour, ounce [UK]/minute, ounce [UK]/second, ounce [US]/day, ounce [US]/hour, ounce [US]/minute, ounce [US]/second.

The Metric volume flow rate unit is cubic meters per second (m³/s) and the Imperial unit is cubic feet per second (ft³/s). The common volume flow rate units are cubic inches per minute (in³/m), barrel per hour (bbl/h), gallon per second (gal/s) and liter per second (L/s).

What is Volume Flow Rate?

The volume flow rate is the amount of liquid that passes through an area per unit of time.

The volume flow rate formula is: Volume flow rate = flow area * flow velocity

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