Force Units Conversion


Force Units

The force units in the force converter are attonewton, centinewton, crinal, decigram force, decinewton, dekagram force, dekanewton, dyne, exanewton, femtonewton, giganewton, gram force, hectonewton, joule/centimeter, joule/meter, kilogram force, kilonewton, kilopond, kip, meganewton, megapond, micronewton, millinewton, nanonewton, newton, ounce force, piconewton, pond, pound force, poundal, sthene, teranewton, ton force [long], ton force [metric], ton force [short], yoctonewton, yottanewton, zeptonewton, zeptonewton.

The metric system force unit is newton (N). The other common force units are dyne, pound force and kilogram force.

To convert between force units newton and pound-force and for more information, please check newton to pound force converter page.

What is Force?

Force is an influence that causes a mass body to accelerate or change its velocity.

Force calculation formula: Force = mass * acceleration

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