Light Illumination Converter

Convert illumination units, including lux, lumen and foot candle, with our illumination measurement units conversion tool. Input a value in the provided field and choose the illumination units you wish to convert between.


Illumination Units

The illumination units in the illumination converter are centimeter candle, flame, foot candle, lumen/square centimeter, lumen/square foot, lumen/square meter, lux, meter candle, nox, phot, watt/square centimeter.

The metric system illumination unit is lux (lx) and is equal to a meter candle. It means, illuminance on a surface is one candela source per meter. Foot candle (lumen per square foot) is a non-SI unit of illumination. 1 foot candle (fc) is equal to 10.76 lux.

The other common illumination units are flame, lumen per square meter, nox, phot and watts per square centimeter.

What is Illumination?

Light illumination is the amount of light illuminating a point on a surface. Illuminating sources can be natural (daylight) or from lamps, lighter, etc.

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