Dynamic (Absolute) Viscosity Conversion

Dynamic (absolute) viscosity units conversion tool. Enter a value below and select the units to convert. The result is rounded to 4 decimal places by default.

Dynamic (absolute) viscosity is the liquids resistance to flow, it measures how thick the fluid is. For example, water is thin so it's low viscous (at 20C, 1.0020 centipoise). Oil, fuel, gas are thick, so they have high viscosity. At 20 celsius, oil viscosity is 84 centipoise.

Pascal second (newton per square meter) is the SI unit of dynamic viscosity. The most common unit of dynamic viscosity is poise. Other main dynamic viscosity units are centipoise, pascal second, newton per square meter, millipascal second and more.

For kinematic viscosity conversions please goto Kinematic Viscosity

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