Dynamic Viscosity Converter

Convert dynamic viscosity units, including pascal second, poise and centipoise, with our dynamic viscosity measurement units conversion tool. Input a value in the provided field and choose the viscosity units you wish to convert between.


Dynamic Viscosity Units

The dynamic viscosity units in the dynamic viscosity converter are attopoise, centipoise, decipoise, dekapoise, dyne second square centimeter, exapoise, femtopoise, gigapoise, gram/centimeter second, hectopoise, kilogram-force second/sq. meter, kilopoise, megapoise, micropoise, millinewton second/sq. meter, millipascal second, millipoise, nanopoise, newton second/square meter, pascal second, petapoise, picopoise, poise, pound-force second/square foot, pound-force second/square inch, pound/foot hour, pound/foot second, poundal second/square foot, slug/foot second and terapoise.

The metric system unit of dynamic viscosity is pascal second (newton per square meter). The other common dynamic viscosity units are centipoise, pascal second, newton per square meter and millipascal second.

What is Dynamic Viscosity?

The dynamic (absolute) viscosity is the liquid's resistance to flow. A dynamic viscosity unit is to measure how thick the fluid is. For example, the water is thin so it's low viscous (at 20C, 1.0020 centipoise). Oil, fuel, gas are thick, so they have high viscosity (at 20C, Oil is 84 centipoise).

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