Acceleration Converter

Convert acceleration units, including m/s², ft/s² and km/h-s, with our acceleration measurement units conversion tool. Input a value in the provided field and choose the acceleration units you wish to convert between.


Acceleration Units

The acceleration units in the acceleration converter are attometer/square second, celo, centigal, centimeter/square second, decigal, decimeter/square second, dekameter/square second, femtometer/square second, foot/square second, G [acceleration of gravity], Gal [galileo], hectometer/square second, inch/square second, kilometer/hour second, kilometer/square second, leo, meter/square second, micrometer/square second, mile/hour minute, mile/hour second, mile/square second, milligal, millimeter/square second, nanometer/square second, picometer/square second, yard/square second.

The metric system acceleration unit is meters per square second (m/s2). The other common acceleration units are foot square second, standard gravity and Gal (galileo).

What is Acceleration?

The acceleration is the change (increase or decrease) in velocity.

The acceleration calculation formula: Acceleration = (Final Velocity - Initial Velocity) / Total Time.

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