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Magnetic Flux Units

The magnetic flux units in the magnetic flux converter are gauss square centimeter, kiloline, line, maxwell, maxwell [international], megaline, microweber, milliweber, tesla square centimeter, tesla square meter, volt second and weber.

The metric system unit of magnetic flux is weber (derived from volt second). The other common magnetic flux units are gauss, maxwell and tesla per square meter.

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The most commonly used units for magnetic flux, which measures the quantity of magnetic field passing through a surface, are:

Weber (Wb): This is the standard unit for magnetic flux in the International System of Units (SI). One weber is equal to one volt-second, representing the magnetic flux that, when linked with a circuit, induces an electromotive force of one volt as it is reduced to zero at a uniform rate in one second.

Maxwell (Mx): The maxwell is a CGS unit of magnetic flux. One weber is equal to 10^8 maxwells.

These units are used to quantify the magnetic field strength through a surface. The weber is the standard unit in the SI system, while the maxwell is an older unit that is sometimes encountered in older literature or in certain specialized contexts.

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