Length Conversion


The length units in the converter:

"attometer, cable, centimeter (cm), chain, cubit, decimeter (dm), dekameter (dam), digit, fathom, foot (ft), femtometer, furlong, gigameter, hand, hectometer (hm), inch (in), kilometer (km), league, light year, line, link, megameter, meter (m), micrometer, microinch, mil, millimeter (mm), mile (mi), nanometer, palm, parsec, perch, pica, point, pole, rod, rope, span, thou, township and yard (yd)"

The most frequently used length units:

In metric system, base unit of length is "metre" (meter is American spelling). Other frequently used metric length units are kilometre (km), centimetre (cm) and millimetre (mm). In the imperial and US Customary system, the most frequently used length units are foot (ft), inch (in), yard (yd) and mile (mi).

You may check the reference list of the most frequently used length units below and also the pages to access more information and the tables.

Centimeter (Centimetre) Conversion:

Foot Conversion:

Inch Conversion:

Kilometre Conversion:

Metre Conversion:

Mile Conversion:

Yard Conversion:

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