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Length Units

The length units in this calculator tool are the most common length units from the metric and the Imperial measurement systems. To convert all length units, please check all length conversions page.

Metric Length Units

The metric system base length unit is metre. All other metric length units are either the fractions or the multiples of metre. The most frequently used metric length units are metre, centimetre, kilometre and millimetre. The kilometre is the longest metric length unit.

Here is the list from metre to other common length units:

1 Metre =

  • 100 centimetres
  • 3.280839895 feet
  • 39.3700787 inches
  • 0.001 kilometre
  • 1000 millimetres
  • 0.0006213711922373339 mile
  • 1.0936133 yards

Imperial and United States Customary Length Units

The basic unit of length in the Imperial and US Customary systems is the yard, defined as exactly 0.9144 metre by international treaty in 1959. The league is the longest imperial length unit.

Here is the list from mile to other common length units:

1 Mile =

  • 160934.4 centimetres
  • 5280 feet
  • 63360 inches
  • 1.609344 kilometres
  • 1609.344 metres
  • 1609344 millimetres
  • 1760 yards

Here is a quick reference list from the most frequently used length units and the links to the converters and the tables for more information.

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