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How many meters in a mile?

There are 1609.344 meters in a mile. To convert miles to meters, multiply the mile value by 1609.344.

For example, to find out how many meters in a mile and a half, multiply 1.5 by 1609.344, that makes 2414.016 meters in a mile and a half.

miles to meters formula

m = mi * 1609.344

1 Mile = 1609.344 Meters

What is a Mile?

Mile is an imperial and United States Customary length unit. 1 Mile is equal to 1609.344 meters. The symbol is "mi".

  • 1 Mile = 1609.344 Meters
  • 1 International Nautical Mile = 1852 Meters
  • 1 UK Nautical Mile = 1853.184 Meters

You may also use length conversion to convert all length units.

Miles to Meters Conversion Table

1mi 1609.344m 26mi 41842.944m 51mi 82076.544m 76mi 122310.144m
2mi 3218.688m 27mi 43452.288m 52mi 83685.888m 77mi 123919.488m
3mi 4828.032m 28mi 45061.632m 53mi 85295.232m 78mi 125528.832m
4mi 6437.376m 29mi 46670.976m 54mi 86904.576m 79mi 127138.176m
5mi 8046.72m 30mi 48280.32m 55mi 88513.92m 80mi 128747.52m
6mi 9656.064m 31mi 49889.664m 56mi 90123.264m 81mi 130356.864m
7mi 11265.408m 32mi 51499.008m 57mi 91732.608m 82mi 131966.208m
8mi 12874.752m 33mi 53108.352m 58mi 93341.952m 83mi 133575.552m
9mi 14484.096m 34mi 54717.696m 59mi 94951.296m 84mi 135184.896m
10mi 16093.44m 35mi 56327.04m 60mi 96560.64m 85mi 136794.24m
11mi 17702.784m 36mi 57936.384m 61mi 98169.984m 86mi 138403.584m
12mi 19312.128m 37mi 59545.728m 62mi 99779.328m 87mi 140012.928m
13mi 20921.472m 38mi 61155.072m 63mi 101388.672m 88mi 141622.272m
14mi 22530.816m 39mi 62764.416m 64mi 102998.016m 89mi 143231.616m
15mi 24140.16m 40mi 64373.76m 65mi 104607.36m 90mi 144840.96m
16mi 25749.504m 41mi 65983.104m 66mi 106216.704m 100mi 160934.4m
17mi 27358.848m 42mi 67592.448m 67mi 107826.048m 125mi 201168m
18mi 28968.192m 43mi 69201.792m 68mi 109435.392m 150mi 241401.6m
19mi 30577.536m 44mi 70811.136m 69mi 111044.736m 175mi 281635.2m
20mi 32186.88m 45mi 72420.48m 70mi 112654.08m 200mi 321868.8m
21mi 33796.224m 46mi 74029.824m 71mi 114263.424m 250mi 402336m
22mi 35405.568m 47mi 75639.168m 72mi 115872.768m 300mi 482803.2m
23mi 37014.912m 48mi 77248.512m 73mi 117482.112m 500mi 804672m
24mi 38624.256m 49mi 78857.856m 74mi 119091.456m 750mi 1207008m
25mi 40233.6m 50mi 80467.2m 75mi 120700.8m 1000mi 1609344m
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