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How many inches in a foot?

There are 12 inches in a foot. To convert feet to inches, multiply the feet value by 12.

For example, to find out how many inches there are in a foot and a half, multiply 1.5 by 12, that makes 18 inches in a foot and a half.

feet to inches formula

in = ft * 12

1 Foot = 12 Inches

What is a Foot?

Foot is an imperial and United States Customary length unit. 1 ft = 12 in. The symbol is "ft".

You may also use length conversion to convert all length units.

Feet to Inches Conversion Table

1ft 12in 26ft 312in 51ft 612in 76ft 912in
2ft 24in 27ft 324in 52ft 624in 77ft 924in
3ft 36in 28ft 336in 53ft 636in 78ft 936in
4ft 48in 29ft 348in 54ft 648in 79ft 948in
5ft 60in 30ft 360in 55ft 660in 80ft 960in
6ft 72in 31ft 372in 56ft 672in 81ft 972in
7ft 84in 32ft 384in 57ft 684in 82ft 984in
8ft 96in 33ft 396in 58ft 696in 83ft 996in
9ft 108in 34ft 408in 59ft 708in 84ft 1008in
10ft 120in 35ft 420in 60ft 720in 85ft 1020in
11ft 132in 36ft 432in 61ft 732in 86ft 1032in
12ft 144in 37ft 444in 62ft 744in 87ft 1044in
13ft 156in 38ft 456in 63ft 756in 88ft 1056in
14ft 168in 39ft 468in 64ft 768in 89ft 1068in
15ft 180in 40ft 480in 65ft 780in 90ft 1080in
16ft 192in 41ft 492in 66ft 792in 100ft 1200in
17ft 204in 42ft 504in 67ft 804in 125ft 1500in
18ft 216in 43ft 516in 68ft 816in 150ft 1800in
19ft 228in 44ft 528in 69ft 828in 175ft 2100in
20ft 240in 45ft 540in 70ft 840in 200ft 2400in
21ft 252in 46ft 552in 71ft 852in 250ft 3000in
22ft 264in 47ft 564in 72ft 864in 300ft 3600in
23ft 276in 48ft 576in 73ft 876in 500ft 6000in
24ft 288in 49ft 588in 74ft 888in 750ft 9000in
25ft 300in 50ft 600in 75ft 900in 1000ft 12000in
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