Liters to Tablespoons Conversion

How many tablespoons in a liter?

Liters to tablespoons conversion table shows the most common values for the quick reference. Alternatively, you may use the converter to convert any other values.

1 Liter = 67.6280454 Tablespoons [US]

1 Liter = 66.6666666 Tablespoons [Metric]

Liter is a volume unit which equals to 1 cubic decimeter. 1 liter of water has a mass about 1 kilogram. The abbreviation is "L".

Tablespoon is a commonly used volume unit in cooking recipes. 1 US tablespoon is about 15 milliliters and 0.5 fluid ounces, whereas in Australia, 1 tablespoons is about 20 ml. The abbreviations are "tbsp", "tbs", "T", "tblsp".


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Liters to Tablespoons Conversion Table [US]

Liter Tablespoon Liter Tablespoon Liter Tablespoon Liter Tablespoon
1 L67.63 tbs26 L1758.33 tbs51 L3449.03 tbs76 L5139.73 tbs
2 L135.26 tbs27 L1825.96 tbs52 L3516.66 tbs77 L5207.36 tbs
3 L202.88 tbs28 L1893.59 tbs53 L3584.29 tbs78 L5274.99 tbs
4 L270.51 tbs29 L1961.21 tbs54 L3651.91 tbs79 L5342.62 tbs
5 L338.14 tbs30 L2028.84 tbs55 L3719.54 tbs80 L5410.24 tbs
6 L405.77 tbs31 L2096.47 tbs56 L3787.17 tbs81 L5477.87 tbs
7 L473.40 tbs32 L2164.10 tbs57 L3854.80 tbs82 L5545.50 tbs
8 L541.02 tbs33 L2231.73 tbs58 L3922.43 tbs83 L5613.13 tbs
9 L608.65 tbs34 L2299.35 tbs59 L3990.05 tbs84 L5680.76 tbs
10 L676.28 tbs35 L2366.98 tbs60 L4057.68 tbs85 L5748.38 tbs
11 L743.91 tbs36 L2434.61 tbs61 L4125.31 tbs86 L5816.01 tbs
12 L811.54 tbs37 L2502.24 tbs62 L4192.94 tbs87 L5883.64 tbs
13 L879.16 tbs38 L2569.87 tbs63 L4260.57 tbs88 L5951.27 tbs
14 L946.79 tbs39 L2637.49 tbs64 L4328.19 tbs89 L6018.90 tbs
15 L1014.42 tbs40 L2705.12 tbs65 L4395.82 tbs90 L6086.52 tbs
16 L1082.05 tbs41 L2772.75 tbs66 L4463.45 tbs100 L6762.80 tbs
17 L1149.68 tbs42 L2840.38 tbs67 L4531.08 tbs125 L8453.51 tbs
18 L1217.30 tbs43 L2908.01 tbs68 L4598.71 tbs150 L10144.21 tbs
19 L1284.93 tbs44 L2975.63 tbs69 L4666.34 tbs175 L11834.91 tbs
20 L1352.56 tbs45 L3043.26 tbs70 L4733.96 tbs200 L13525.61 tbs
21 L1420.19 tbs46 L3110.89 tbs71 L4801.59 tbs250 L16907.01 tbs
22 L1487.82 tbs47 L3178.52 tbs72 L4869.22 tbs300 L20288.41 tbs
23 L1555.45 tbs48 L3246.15 tbs73 L4936.85 tbs500 L33814.02 tbs
24 L1623.07 tbs49 L3313.77 tbs74 L5004.48 tbs750 L50721.03 tbs
25 L1690.70 tbs50 L3381.40 tbs75 L5072.10 tbs1000 L67628.05 tbs