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How to convert fluid barrels to cubic feet?

1 Fluid barrel (fl bbl) is equal to 4.2109375 cubic feet. To convert fluid barrels to cubic feet, multiply the fluid barrel value by 4.2109375.

US fluid barrels to cubic feet formula

cubic feet = fluid barrel * 4.2109375

1 Fluid Barrel = 4.2109375 Cubic Feet

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How to convert cubic feet to fluid barrels?

1 Cubic foot is equal to 0.2374768089 fluid barrel. To convert cubic feet to fluid barrels, multiply the cubic foot value by 0.2374768089 or divide by 4.2109375.

cubic feet to fluid barrels formula

fluid barrel = cubic feet * 0.2374768089

fluid barrel = cubic feet / 4.2109375

1 Cubic Foot = 0.2374768089 Fluid Barrel

What is a Barrel?

Barrel is a volume unit. 1 fluid bbl = 4.2109375 ft3. The symbol is "bbl".

  • 1 Fluid barrel = 4.2109375 Cubic feet
  • 1 Dry barrel = 4.08333333 Cubic feet
  • 1 Imperial barrel = 5.7795715165 Cubic feet

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