Square Kilometers to Acres Conversion

How many acres in a square kilometer?

Square kilometers to acres (km2 to ac) area units conversion factor is 247.105381. To find out how many acres in square kilometers, multiply by the conversion factor or use the converter.

1 Square Kilometer = 247.105381 Acres

There are 247.105381 acres in a square kilometer, because an acre is defined as an area of 66 feet * 660 feet ( = 4046.86 square meters) and one square kilometer is one million sq. meters (1000 m * 1000 m = 1 000 000 m2), that makes 1 000 000 / 4046.86 = 247.1 acres in a square kilometer.

For example, to find out how many acres there are in a square kilometer and a half, multiply the sq. kilometer value by 247.1, that makes 1.5 km2 * 247.1 = 370.6 acres in 1.5 sq. kilometers.

Square kilometer is a metric system area unit and equals to 247.105 acres, 100 hectares and 0.386 sq. miles. The abbreviation is "km2".

Acre is an imperial and US customary area unit and equals to 0.404 hectares, 43560 sq. feet and 4046.86 sq. meters. The abbreviation is "ac".


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Sq. Kilometers to Acres Conversion Table

Sq. Kilometer Acre Sq. Kilometer Acre Sq. Kilometer Acre Sq. Kilometer Acre
1 km2247.11 ac26 km26424.74 ac51 km212602.37 ac76 km218780.01 ac
2 km2494.21 ac27 km26671.85 ac52 km212849.48 ac77 km219027.11 ac
3 km2741.32 ac28 km26918.95 ac53 km213096.59 ac78 km219274.22 ac
4 km2988.42 ac29 km27166.06 ac54 km213343.69 ac79 km219521.33 ac
5 km21235.53 ac30 km27413.16 ac55 km213590.80 ac80 km219768.43 ac
6 km21482.63 ac31 km27660.27 ac56 km213837.90 ac81 km220015.54 ac
7 km21729.74 ac32 km27907.37 ac57 km214085.01 ac82 km220262.64 ac
8 km21976.84 ac33 km28154.48 ac58 km214332.11 ac83 km220509.75 ac
9 km22223.95 ac34 km28401.58 ac59 km214579.22 ac84 km220756.85 ac
10 km22471.05 ac35 km28648.69 ac60 km214826.32 ac85 km221003.96 ac
11 km22718.16 ac36 km28895.79 ac61 km215073.43 ac86 km221251.06 ac
12 km22965.26 ac37 km29142.90 ac62 km215320.53 ac87 km221498.17 ac
13 km23212.37 ac38 km29390.00 ac63 km215567.64 ac88 km221745.27 ac
14 km23459.48 ac39 km29637.11 ac64 km215814.74 ac89 km221992.38 ac
15 km23706.58 ac40 km29884.22 ac65 km216061.85 ac90 km222239.48 ac
16 km23953.69 ac41 km210131.32 ac66 km216308.96 ac100 km224710.54 ac
17 km24200.79 ac42 km210378.43 ac67 km216556.06 ac125 km230888.17 ac
18 km24447.90 ac43 km210625.53 ac68 km216803.17 ac150 km237065.81 ac
19 km24695.00 ac44 km210872.64 ac69 km217050.27 ac175 km243243.44 ac
20 km24942.11 ac45 km211119.74 ac70 km217297.38 ac200 km249421.08 ac
21 km25189.21 ac46 km211366.85 ac71 km217544.48 ac250 km261776.35 ac
22 km25436.32 ac47 km211613.95 ac72 km217791.59 ac300 km274131.61 ac
23 km25683.42 ac48 km211861.06 ac73 km218038.69 ac500 km2123552.69 ac
24 km25930.53 ac49 km212108.16 ac74 km218285.80 ac750 km2185329.04 ac
25 km26177.63 ac50 km212355.27 ac75 km218532.90 ac1000 km2247105.38 ac