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How many oil barrels in a cubic meter?

1 Cubic meter (m³) is equal to 6.28981077 oil barrels (bbl). To convert cubic meters to oil barrels, multiply the cubic meter value by 6.28981077.

cubic meters to oil barrels formula

oil bbl = m³ * 6.28981077

1 Cubic Meter = 6.28981077 Oil Barrels

How many cubic meters in an oil barrel?

1 Oil barrel (bbl) is equal to 0.15898729493 cubic meter. To convert oil barrels to cubic meters, multiply the oil barrel value by 0.15898729493 or divide by 6.28981077.

oil barrels to cubic meters formula

m³ = oil bbl * 0.1589872949

m³ = oil bbl / 6.28981077

1 Oil Barrel = 0.1589872949 Cubic Meter

What is a Cubic Meter?

Cubic meter (metre) is a metric system volume unit. 1 Cubic meter is equal to 6.28981077 oil barrels and 8.38641436 fluid barrels. The symbol is "".

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