Cubic Inches and Quarts Conversion

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1 US Fluid Quart = 57.75 Cubic Inches (in3)
1 US Dry Quart = 67.200625445 Cubic Inches (in3)
1 Imperial Quart = 69.354858198 Cubic Inches (in3)

1 Cubic Inch = 0.0173160173 US Fluid Quart
1 Cubic Inch = 0.0148808138 US Dry Quart
1 Cubic Inch = 0.0144186 Imperial Quart

Cubic inch is an imperial and US Customary unit and defined as a cube with sides are one inch in length. The abbreviation is "in3".

Quart is an imperial and US Customary unit. There is one type of quart in imperial system and 2 types (liquid and dry) in US Customary system. The abbreviation is "qt".

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