Kilometers to Feet Conversion

How many feet in a kilometer ?

Kilometers to feet length units conversion factor is 3280.8399. To find out how many feet in kilometers, multiply the kilometer value by 3280.8399 or use the converter.

1 Kilometer = 3280.8399 Feet

There are 3280.8399 feet in a kilometer, because one foot is defined as 30.48 centimeters exactly by an international agreements and there are 100 000 cm in a kilometer, that makes 100000 / 30.48 = 3280.83 feet in a kilometer.

For example, to find out how many feet there are in a kilometer and a half, multiply the kilometer value by the conversion factor, that makes 1.5 * 3280.8399 = 4921.25 feet in 1.5 kilometers.

Kilometer (kilometre in SI spelling) is a metric length unit and equals to 3280.84 feet, 1093.61 yards and 1000 meters. The abbreviation is "km".

Foot is an imperial and US customary length unit and equals to 12 inches, 2.54 centimeters and 25.4 millimeters. The abbreviation is "ft".


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Kilometers to Feet Conversion Table

Kilometer Foot Kilometer Foot Kilometer Foot Kilometer Foot
1 km3280.84 ft26 km85301.84 ft51 km167322.83 ft76 km249343.83 ft
2 km6561.68 ft27 km88582.68 ft52 km170603.67 ft77 km252624.67 ft
3 km9842.52 ft28 km91863.52 ft53 km173884.51 ft78 km255905.51 ft
4 km13123.36 ft29 km95144.36 ft54 km177165.35 ft79 km259186.35 ft
5 km16404.20 ft30 km98425.20 ft55 km180446.19 ft80 km262467.19 ft
6 km19685.04 ft31 km101706.04 ft56 km183727.03 ft81 km265748.03 ft
7 km22965.88 ft32 km104986.88 ft57 km187007.87 ft82 km269028.87 ft
8 km26246.72 ft33 km108267.72 ft58 km190288.71 ft83 km272309.71 ft
9 km29527.56 ft34 km111548.56 ft59 km193569.55 ft84 km275590.55 ft
10 km32808.40 ft35 km114829.40 ft60 km196850.39 ft85 km278871.39 ft
11 km36089.24 ft36 km118110.24 ft61 km200131.23 ft86 km282152.23 ft
12 km39370.08 ft37 km121391.08 ft62 km203412.07 ft87 km285433.07 ft
13 km42650.92 ft38 km124671.92 ft63 km206692.91 ft88 km288713.91 ft
14 km45931.76 ft39 km127952.76 ft64 km209973.75 ft89 km291994.75 ft
15 km49212.60 ft40 km131233.60 ft65 km213254.59 ft90 km295275.59 ft
16 km52493.44 ft41 km134514.44 ft66 km216535.43 ft100 km328083.99 ft
17 km55774.28 ft42 km137795.28 ft67 km219816.27 ft125 km410104.99 ft
18 km59055.12 ft43 km141076.12 ft68 km223097.11 ft150 km492125.99 ft
19 km62335.96 ft44 km144356.96 ft69 km226377.95 ft175 km574146.98 ft
20 km65616.80 ft45 km147637.80 ft70 km229658.79 ft200 km656167.98 ft
21 km68897.64 ft46 km150918.64 ft71 km232939.63 ft250 km820209.98 ft
22 km72178.48 ft47 km154199.48 ft72 km236220.47 ft300 km984251.97 ft
23 km75459.32 ft48 km157480.32 ft73 km239501.31 ft500 km1640419.95 ft
24 km78740.16 ft49 km160761.16 ft74 km242782.15 ft750 km2460629.93 ft
25 km82021.00 ft50 km164042.00 ft75 km246062.99 ft1000 km3280839.90 ft