Centimeters and Dekameters Conversion

How Many Centimeters in a Dekameter?

To convert between centimeters and dekameters, enter a centimeter or a dekameter value into the converter and the result will be displayed.

Enter Centimeter (Centimetre)
Enter Dekameter (Dekametre)

There are 1000 centimeters in a dekameter (1000 cm in 1 dam). To convert from dekameters to centimeters, multiply the dekameter value by 1000 and to convert from centimeters to dekameters, divide the centimeter value by 1000.

1 Centimeter = 0.001 Dekameter
1 Dekameter = 1000 Centimeters

Centimeter is a metric length unit and equals to one hundredth of a meter which is the base metric length unit. The abbreviation is "cm".

Dekameter is a metric length unit and equals to 10 meters. The abbreviation is "dam".

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