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How to convert psi to torr (mmHg)?

1 Psi is equal to 51.7149326 torr. To convert psi to torr, multiply the psi value by 51.7149326.

1 Psi = 51.7149326 Torr/mmHg

How to convert torr (mmHg) to psi?

1 Torr (mmHg) is equal to 0.01933677469 psi. To convert torr to psi, multiply the torr value by 0.01933677469 or divide by 51.7149326.

1 Torr/mmHg = 0.01933677469 Psi

For all pressure unit conversions, please check pressure converter.

What is Psi (Pound force per square inch)?

Psi is one pound of force per square inch.

What is Torr/mmHg?

Torr is 1/760 of an atm (atmospheric pressure). mmHg (millimeter of mercury) is a pressure of fluid from one millimeter of mercury. Torr and mmHg are different pressure units but the difference is very low (about 0.000015%) and they are treated as the same pressure unit in most applications. Torr is used in physics and engineering and mmHg is commonly used in measuring the blood pressure.

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