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How to convert small (scientific) calories to joules?

1 Small calorie is equal to 4.184 joules (J). To convert calories to joules, multiply the calorie value by 4.184.

small calorie to joules formula

J = cal * 4.184

1 Small Calorie = 4.184 Joules

How to convert joules to small calories?

1 Joule is equal to 0.239005736 small calorie. To convert joules to calories, multiply the joule value by 0.239005736 or divide by 4.184.

joules to small calories formula

cal = J * 0.239005736

cal = J * 4.184

1 Joule = 0.239005736 Small Calorie

What is a Calorie?

Small Calorie is a metric energy unit and defined as the amount of energy to heat 1 gram of water to 1 degree Celsius. 1 Small (gram) calorie = 4.184 joules. The symbol is "cal".

Nutritional (food) Calorie is an energy unit and defined as the amount of energy to heat 1 kilogram of water to 1 degree Celsius. It is 1000 times higher than the scientific (small) calorie unit. 1 Nutritional calorie (kilocalorie) = 4184 joules. The symbol is "Cal".

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