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Inches of Mercury to Millibars Conversion

Inch of Mercury

How to convert inches of mercury to millibars?

1 Inch of mercury (inHg) is equal to 33.863886667 millibars (mbar). To convert inHg to millibars, multiply the inHg value by 33.863886667.

For example, to convert 29.9 inHg to mbar, multiply 29.9 by 33.863886667, that makes 1012.53 mbar is 29.9 inHg.

inHg to mbar formula

mbar = inHg * 33.863886667

1 Inch of Mercury = 33.863886667 Millibars

How to convert millibars to inches of mercury?

1 Millibar (mbar) is equal to 0.029529983071 inch of mercury (inHg). To convert millibars to inches of mercury, multiply the millibar value by 0.029529983071 or divide by 33.863886667.

For example, to convert 100 mbar to inHg, multiply 100 by 0.029529983071, that makes 2.9529983071 inHg is 100 mbar.

mbar to inHg formula

inHg = mbar * 0.029529983071

inHg = mbar / 33.863886667

1 Millibar = 0.029529983071 Inch of Mercury

What is Inch of Mercury?

Inch of Mercury is the pressure exerted by 1 inch (25.4 mm) of mercury. 1 inHg = 33.863886667 mbar. The symbol is "inHg" or "Hg".

What is Millibar?

Millibar is 1/1000 of bar which is equal to the atmospheric pressure at sea level. 1 mbar = 0.029529983071 inHg. The symbol is "mb".

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