Celsius to Kelvin (°C to K) Conversion

Celsius to Kelvin conversion formula is Kelvin = Celsius + 273.15.

To convert Celsius to Kelvin, add 273.15 to Celsius because the absolute zero is theoretically possible at 0 Kelvin or -273.15 °C.

For example: To convert 30 °C to Kelvin, add 273.15, that is 30 + 273.15 = 303.15 K

Celsius (centigrade) is a temperature scale with the freezing point of water is 0 degree and the boiling point of water is 100 degrees under standard atmospheric pressure (101.325 kPa). The absolute zero temperature is -273.15 °C. The symbol for Celsius is "°C".

Kelvin is the base unit of temperature in metric system and formally defined as 1/273.16 of the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of pure water. For Kelvin temperature scale, the freezing point of water is 273.15 K and boiling point is 373.15 K. The absolute zero is defined to be 0 Kelvin. The symbol for Kelvin is "K".

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Celsius to Kelvin (°C to K) Conversion Table

1 °C274.15 K26 °C299.15 K51 °C324.15 K76 °C349.15 K
2 °C275.15 K27 °C300.15 K52 °C325.15 K77 °C350.15 K
3 °C276.15 K28 °C301.15 K53 °C326.15 K78 °C351.15 K
4 °C277.15 K29 °C302.15 K54 °C327.15 K79 °C352.15 K
5 °C278.15 K30 °C303.15 K55 °C328.15 K80 °C353.15 K
6 °C279.15 K31 °C304.15 K56 °C329.15 K81 °C354.15 K
7 °C280.15 K32 °C305.15 K57 °C330.15 K82 °C355.15 K
8 °C281.15 K33 °C306.15 K58 °C331.15 K83 °C356.15 K
9 °C282.15 K34 °C307.15 K59 °C332.15 K84 °C357.15 K
10 °C283.15 K35 °C308.15 K60 °C333.15 K85 °C358.15 K
11 °C284.15 K36 °C309.15 K61 °C334.15 K86 °C359.15 K
12 °C285.15 K37 °C310.15 K62 °C335.15 K87 °C360.15 K
13 °C286.15 K38 °C311.15 K63 °C336.15 K88 °C361.15 K
14 °C287.15 K39 °C312.15 K64 °C337.15 K89 °C362.15 K
15 °C288.15 K40 °C313.15 K65 °C338.15 K90 °C363.15 K
16 °C289.15 K41 °C314.15 K66 °C339.15 K100 °C373.15 K
17 °C290.15 K42 °C315.15 K67 °C340.15 K110 °C383.15 K
18 °C291.15 K43 °C316.15 K68 °C341.15 K120 °C393.15 K
19 °C292.15 K44 °C317.15 K69 °C342.15 K130 °C403.15 K
20 °C293.15 K45 °C318.15 K70 °C343.15 K140 °C413.15 K
21 °C294.15 K46 °C319.15 K71 °C344.15 K150 °C423.15 K
22 °C295.15 K47 °C320.15 K72 °C345.15 K200 °C473.15 K
23 °C296.15 K48 °C321.15 K73 °C346.15 K300 °C573.15 K
24 °C297.15 K49 °C322.15 K74 °C347.15 K400 °C673.15 K
25 °C298.15 K50 °C323.15 K75 °C348.15 K500 °C773.15 K