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How to convert bar to torr (mmHg)?

1 Bar is equal to 750.06167382 mmHg. To convert bar to mmHg, multiply the bar value by 750.06167382.

1 Bar = 750.06167382 Torr (mmHg)

How to convert torr (mmHg) to bar?

1 Torr (mmHg) is equal to 0.0013332237 bar. To convert mmHg to bar, multiply the mmHg value by 0.0013332237 or divide by 750.06167382.

1 Torr (mmHg) = 0.0013332237 Bar

For all pressure unit conversions, please check pressure converter.

What is Bar?

Bar is about equal to the atmospheric pressure at sea level and defined as 100 kilopascals (kPa).

What is Torr/mmHg?

Torr (mmHg) is a pressure of fluid from 1 millimeter of mercury.

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