Heat Flux Density Converter

Convert heat flux density units, including watt per square meter and calorie per square cm per second, with our heat flux density measurement units conversion tool. Input a value in the provided field and choose the heat flux density units you wish to convert.


Heat Flux Density Units

The heat flux density units in the heat flux density converter are BTU/hour square foot, BTU/minute square foot, calorie/second square centimeter, dyne/hour centimeter, erg/hour square millimeter, foot pound/minute square foot, gram calorie/hour square centimeter, horsepower/sqaure foot, CHU/hour square foot, joule/second square meter, kilocalorie/hour square foot, kilocalorie/hour square meter, kilowatt/square meter, watt/square centimeter, watt/square inch, watt/square meter.

The metric unit of heat flux density is watts per square meter. The other common heat flux density units are btu/hour per square feet, kilowatt per square meter and joule/second per square meter.

What is Heat Flux Density?

The heat flux (thermal flux) density is the rate of heat transfer per unit area. It is called heat transfer rate intensity.

The heat flux density calculation formula: Heat Flux = Heat Transfer Rate / Area

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