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Mass Flow Rate Units

The mass flow rate units in the mass flow rate converter are centigram/second, decigram/second, dekagram/second, exagram/second, gigagram/second, gram/day, gram/hour, gram/minute, gram/second, hectogram/second, kilogram/day, kilogram/hour, kilogram/minute, kilogram/second, megagram/second, microgram/second, milligram/day, milligram/hour, milligram/minute, milligram/second, ounce/day, ounce/hour, ounce/minute, ounce/second, petagram/second, pound/day, pound/hour, pound/minute, pound/second, teragram/second, ton [short]/day, ton [short]/hour, ton [short]/minute, ton [short]/second.

The Metric mass flow rate unit is kilogram per second (kg/s) and the Imperial unit is pound per second. Other common mass flow rate units are ounce per second and gram per minute.

What is Mass Flow Rate?

The mass flow rate is the amount of mass passing through a plane per unit of time.

The mass flow rate calculation formula is:
Mass flow rate = the density * the velocity * flow area
Mass flow rate = volume flow rate * density

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