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Luminance Units

The luminance units in the luminance converter are apostilb, blondel, bril, candela/square meter, candela/square centimeter, candela/square foot, candela/square inch, foot lambert, kilocandela/square meter, lambert, lumen/square meter, lumen/square centimeter, lumen/square foot, millilambert, millinit, nit, skot, stilb and watt/square centimeter.

The metric system unit of luminance is candela per square meter. The other common luminance units are stilb, candela per square centimeter, lambert and lumen per square meter.

The most commonly used units for luminance, which measures the intensity of light emitted or reflected from a surface per unit area as perceived by the human eye, are:

Candela per square meter (cd/m²): This is the standard unit for luminance in the International System of Units (SI). It represents the luminous intensity per unit area.

Nit (nt) or Candela per square foot (cd/ft²): In some non-SI contexts, especially in the United States, the nit or candela per square foot may be used.

These units are used in various fields, including lighting design, display technology, and photography, to quantify the brightness or intensity of light from a surface. The candela per square meter is the standard unit for luminance in scientific and engineering contexts. The nit or candela per square foot may be encountered in specific applications or regions.

What is Luminance?

The light luminance is a measure of luminious intensity per unit area of light in a direction. It is an indicator how bright the surface is and used mostly in computer, video industry for display brigtness.

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