Kinematic Viscosity Units Converter

Convert kinematic viscosity units, including m²/s, cm²/s and stokes, with our kinematic viscosity measurement units conversion tool. Input a value in the provided field and choose the kinematic viscosity units you wish to convert between.


Kinematic Viscosity Units

The kinematic viscosity units in the kinematic viscosity converter are attostoke, centistoke, decistoke, dekastoke, exastoke, femtostoke, gigastoke, hectostoke, kilostoke, megastoke, microstoke, millistoke, nanostoke, petastoke, picostoke, square centimeter/second, square centimeter/minute, square centimeter/hour, square foot/second, square foot/minute, square foot/hour, square inch/second, square inch/minute, square inch/hour, square meter/second, square meter/minute, square meter/hour, square millimeter/second, square millimeter/minute, square millimeter/hour, stoke and terastoke.

The metric system unit of kinematic viscosity is stoke (S). The other common kinematic viscosity units are centistoke (cSt), square foot per second and square meter per second.

What is Kinematic Viscosity?

The kinematic viscosity is the ratio of the dynamic viscosity to the density without any force.

The kinematic viscosity calculation formula: Kinematic viscosity = dynamic viscosity / density

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