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Beer size conversion to convert common beer volume measurement units including liters, mL, cL, oz, pints and popular beer serving glass types around the world. Input a value in the provided field and choose the beer measurement units or glass types you wish to convert between.


To convert beer size volume measurement units and glass types, follow these steps using our converter:

1. Enter the value you want to convert.

2. Select the initial unit of the beer measurement or glass type.

3. Choose the target beer measurement unit or glass type you wish to convert to.

4. Click on the "Convert" button to get the converted value instantly.

Common Beer Size Measurement Units:

The most common types of beer size measurement units used worldwide include pints, fluid ounces (oz), liters (L), centiliters (cl) and milliliters (ml). These units are used to quantify the volume of beer served or consumed. Each measurement unit has its own conversion factors for converting between them.

Beer bottle and beer can volume size measurements are usually labelled in fluid ounces (fl oz), milliliters (mL) and centiliters (cL). Milliliter is the common beer volume size unit globally. Centiliter is mostly used in Europe. Fluid ounce is used in United States, UK and other English speaking countries.

The US and the Imperial fluid ounce beer sizes are different and this often causes confusion. Based on the common beer size of 16 oz, this is a quick comparison between these two:

16 oz beer (US, fluid):

  • 473.176 mL
  • 47.3176 cL

16 oz beer (Imperial, fluid):

  • 454.609 mL
  • 45.4609 cL

Common Beer Glass Types:

Additionally, there are various types of beer glasses used globally, each designed to enhance the drinking experience and showcase specific beer styles. These glasses are shaped differently to optimize the aroma, flavor and presentation of specific beer styles.

The beer glass types in the converter are Baron, Benjamin, Birra Piccola, Birra Media, Birra Grande, Birrino, Botellín, Caña, Chevalier, Chope, Chope o Pintje, Chopine, Corbeau, Demi, Demi o Bock, Distingué, Double Pinte, Flûte o Hollandais, Fluitje, Formidable, Galopin, Galopin o Bock, Gourde, Half, Handle, Jug, Liten öl, Litron, Lunette, Maß, Middy, Parfait, Pilstulpe, Pinta, Pinte o Sérieux, Pony, Pot, Schooner, Seidel, Seidl, Seven, Stor öl, Ten, Un 33, Vaasje.

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