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Beer Measurement Conversion


Beer Bottle and Can Sizes

Beer bottle and can sizes are usually labelled in fluid ounces (fl oz), milliliters (mL) and centiliters (cL). Milliliter (mL) is the common beer size unit in all over the world. Centiliter (cL) is mostly used in Europe. Fluid ounce (fl oz) is used in United States, UK and other English speaking countries.

The US and the Imperial fluid ounce beer sizes are different and this often causes confusion. Based on the common beer size of 16 oz, this is a quick comparison between these two:

16 oz (US, fluid):

  • 16.653 oz (Imperial, fluid)
  • 473.176 mL
  • 47.3176 cL

16 oz (Imperial, fluid):

  • 15.372 (US, fluid)
  • 454.609 mL
  • 45.4609 cL
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