Surface Charge Density Converter

Convert surface charge density units, including coulomb per square meter and coulomb per square cm, with our surface charge density measurement units conversion tool. Input a value in the provided field and choose the surface charge density units you wish to convert between.


Surface Charge Density Units

The surface charge density units in the converter are abcoulomb/square centimeter, abcoulomb/square inch, abcoulomb/square meter, coulomb/square centimeter, coulomb/square inch and coulomb/square meter.

The most commonly used units for surface charge density, which measures the electric charge per unit area on a surface, are:

Coulomb per square meter (C/m²): This is the standard unit for surface charge density in the International System of Units (SI). It represents the electric charge distributed over one square meter of a surface.

Coulomb per square centimeter (C/cm²): In some contexts, especially in older literature or specific applications, the coulomb per square centimeter-based unit may be used.

These units are used to express the distribution of electric charge on a surface. The coulomb per square meter is the standard unit for surface charge density in scientific and engineering contexts. The coulomb per square centimeter is less commonly used in modern scientific literature but may still be encountered in specific applications.

What is Surface Charge Density?

The electric surface charge density is the amount of electric charge per unit of area.

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