Radioactivity Units Conversion


Radioactivity Units

The radioactivity units in the radioactivity converter are becquerel (Bq), curie, gigabecquerel, gigacurie, kilobecquerel, kilocurie, megabecquerel, megacurie, microbecquerel, microcurie, millibecquerel, millicurie, nanocurie, picocurie, rutherford, terabecquerel.

What is Radioactivity?

The radioactivity is the amount of radiation emitted. There are three types of radioactivity, alpha, beta and gamma.

The alpha radioactivity is caused by helium atoms, travels very short distance and stopped by almost anything. The beta radioactivity is caused by electrons and travels longer than alpha radiation and stopped by aliminium foil etc. The gamma radioactivity travels the longest and can be stopped by a thick concrete.

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