Radiation Absorbed Dose Units Conversion


Radiation Absorbed Dose Units

The radiation absorbed dose units in the converter are gigagray, gigarad, gray, joule/centigram, joule/gram, joule/kilogram, joule/milligram, kilogray, kilorad, megagray, megarad, microgray, microrad, milligray, millirad, nanogray, nanorad, parker, rad, rep (roentgen eq. physical) and teragray.

The most common radiation absorbed dose units are gray and rad. 1 Gray is equal to 1 joule per kilogram (J/kg). 1 Rad is equal to 0.01 gray.

What is Radiation Absorbed Dose?

The radiation absorbed dose is the amount of energy stored as a result of an ionizing radiation. It's measured per unit of mass of that medium.

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