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Convert electric field units, including volt per meter and newton per coulomb, with our electric field measurement units conversion tool. Input a value in the provided field and choose the electric field units you wish to convert between.


Electric Field Units

The electric field units in the electric field converter are abvolt/centimeter, kilovolt/centimeter, kilovolt/inch, kilovolt/meter, microvolt/meter, millivolt/meter, newton/coulomb, statvolt/centimeter, statvolt/inch, volt/centimeter, volt/inch and volt/meter.

The most commonly used units for electric field, which measures the force per unit charge experienced by a charged particle at a given point on a surface, are:

Volt per meter (V/m): This is the standard unit for electric field in the International System of Units (SI). It represents the electric potential difference per unit distance.

Newton per coulomb (N/C): In some contexts, especially in older literature or specific applications, the newton per coulomb-based unit may be used.

These units are used to quantify the strength of the electric field at a particular point on a surface. The volt per meter is the standard unit for electric field in scientific and engineering contexts. The newton per coulomb is less commonly used in modern scientific literature but may still be encountered in specific applications.

What is Electric Field?

The electric field is the electric force per electric charge unit. It's originated from the positive charge (proton) and end up at the negative charge (electron).

The electric field calculation formula: E (Electric field) = F (Electric force) / Q (Electric charge)

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