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Electric Current Units

The electric current units in the converter are abampere, ampere[amp], ampere[international, old definition], biot, centiampere, electromagnetic current unit, electro static current unit, coulomb/second, deciampere, dekaampere, franklin/second, gaussian electric current, gigaampere, gilbert, hectoampere, kiloampere, megaampere, microaampere, milliampere, nanoampere, picoampere, siemens/volt, statampere, teraampere, volt/ohm, watt/volt, weber/henry.

The most commonly used units for electric current, which measures the flow of electric charge, are:

Ampere (A): This is the standard unit for electric current in the International System of Units (SI). One ampere is defined as one coulomb of charge passing through a conductor in one second.

Milliampere (mA): Often used for smaller current values. One milliampere is equal to one thousandth of an ampere.

Microampere (μA): Used for even smaller current values. One microampere is equal to one millionth of an ampere.

These units are widely used in various fields, including physics, engineering, and electronics, to quantify the flow of electric charge in a circuit. The ampere is the standard unit for electric current in scientific and engineering contexts. Milliamperes and microamperes are common in everyday use, especially when dealing with small electronic devices.

What is Electric Current?

The electric current is the measure of the rate of electric charge that passes a given point in an electric circuit.

The electric current calculation formula: Electric Current = V (Potential difference) / R (Electric resistance)

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