Electric Current Units Conversion


Electric Current Units

The electric current units in the converter are abampere, ampere[amp], ampere[international, old definition], biot, centiampere, electromagnetic current unit, electro static current unit, coulomb/second, deciampere, dekaampere, franklin/second, gaussian electric current, gigaampere, gilbert, hectoampere, kiloampere, megaampere, microaampere, milliampere, nanoampere, picoampere, siemens/volt, statampere, teraampere, volt/ohm, watt/volt, weber/henry.

The metric system unit of electric current is ampere (amp) which equals to 1 coulomb per second. The other common electric current units are milliampere and kiloampere.

What is Electric Current?

The electric current is the measure of the rate of electric charge that passes a given point in an electric circuit.

The electric current calculation formula: Electric Current = V (Potential difference) / R (Electric resistance)

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