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Conductance Units

The electric conductance units in the conductance converter are abmho, ampere/volt, gemmho, kilosiemens, megasiemens, mho, micromho, microsiemens, millimho, millisiemens, second/henry, siemens, statmho.

The most commonly used unit for electric conductance, which is the reciprocal of electric resistance and measures a material's ability to conduct electric current, is:

Siemens (S): This is the standard unit for electric conductance in the International System of Units (SI). One siemens is equal to one ampere of current flowing through a conductor when there is a one-volt potential difference across it.

Electric conductance is the inverse of electric resistance, and both are measured in siemens. The siemens is widely used in scientific and engineering contexts to quantify how easily a material allows the flow of electric current.

What is Conductance?

The conductance is the measure of how easy the electric current flows in an electrical circuit. It's the inverse of electric resistance.

Electric conductance calculation formulas:
Conductance = 1 / R (Electric resistance)

Conductance = I (Current) / V (Voltage)

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