Capacitance Converter

Capacitance unit converter that handles a variety of capacitance units. Choose the capacitance units for conversion below and click the 'Convert' button.


Capacitance Units

The capacitance units in the capacitance converter are abfarad, ampere/second volt, attofarad, centifarad, coulomb/volt, decifarad, dekafarad, exafarad, electromagnetic unit of capacitance, electrostatic unit of capacitance, farad, farad [international], femtofarad, gaussian electric capacitance, gigafarad, hectofarad, jar, kilofarad, megafarad, microfarad, millifarad, nanofarad, petafarad, picofarad, puff, second/ohm, statfarad, terafarad.

The metric system unit of capacitance is farad. 1 Farad is equal to 1 coulomb per volt. The other common capacitance units are millifarad, microfarad, nanofarad and picofarad.

What is Capacitance?

The capacitance is the ability to store the electrical charge in the electrical circuits.

The capacitance is calculated with this formula: Capacitance = Q (Electric charge) / V (Voltage)

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