Length Conversion

Length conversion calculator for metric, imperial and U.S. customary units. Includes from everyday use to scientific length units.

In metric system, base unit of length is "metre" (meter is american spelling). Other common metric units of length are kilometer, centimeter and millimeter. In imperial and U.S. customary system, common length units are foot, inch, yard and mile.

Length Conversion Tables
miles to feet
feet to miles
centimeters to inches
inches to centimeters
Inches to Hands
Inches to Fathom
Centimeters to Chain
Centimeters to Decimeters
Centimeters to Dekameters
Centimeters to Hand
Centimeters to Fathom
Centimeters to Hectometers
Centimeters to Inches
Centimeters to Link
Centimeters to Meters
Centimeters to Microinches
Centimeters to Micrometers
Centimeters to Mil
Centimeters to Millimeters
Centimeters to Perch
Centimeters to Picas
Centimeters to Points
Centimeters to Rods
Feet to Centimeters
Feet to Chain
Feet to Decimeters
Feet to Dekameters
Feet to Hands
Feet to Fathom
Feet to Hectometers
Feet to Inches
Feet to Link
Feet to Microinches
Feet to Micrometers
Feet to Mil
Feet to Millimeters
Feet to Perch
Feet to Picas
Feet to Points
Feet to Rods
Feet to Yards
Inches to Centimeters
Inches to Chain
Inches to Decimeters
Inches to Dekameters
Inches to Feet
meters to feet
feet to meters
yards to feet
centimeters to millimeters
Inches to Hectometers
Inches to Link
Inches to Meters
Inches to Microinches
Inches to Micrometers
Inches to Mil
Inches to Millimeters
Inches to Perch
Inches to Picas
Inches to Points
Inches to Rods
Kilometers to Centimeters
Kilometers to Chains
Kilometers to Decimeters
Kilometers to Dekameters
Kilometers to Feet
Kilometers to Hands
Kilometers to Fathoms
Kilometers to Hectometers
Kilometers to Inches
Kilometers to Link
Kilometers to Meters
Kilometers to Microinches
Kilometers to Micrometers
Kilometers to Mil
Kilometers to Miles
Kilometers to Millimeters
Kilometers to Perch
Kilometers to Picas
Kilometers to Points
Kilometers to Rods
Kilometers to Yards
Meters to Centimeters
Meters to Chains
Meters to Decimeters
Meters to Dekameters
Meters to Fathom
Meters to Feet
Meters to Hands
Meters to Hectometers
Meters to Inches
kilometers to miles
miles to kilometers
miles to meters
meters to miles
Meters to Kilometers
Meters to Link
Meters to Microinches
Meters to Micrometers
Meters to Mil
Meters to Millimeters
Meters to Perch
Meters to Picas
Meters to Points
Meters to Rods
Meters to Yards
Miles to Centimeters
Miles to Chain
Miles to Decimeters
Miles to Dekameters
Miles to Feet
Miles to Hands
Miles to Fathoms
Miles to Hectometers
Miles to Inches
Miles to Kilometers
Miles to Link
Miles to Meters
Miles to Microinches
Miles to Micrometers
Miles to Mil
Miles to Millimeters
Miles to Perch
Miles to Picas
Miles to Points
Miles to Rods
Miles to Yards
Millimeters to Centimeters
Millimeters to Decimeters
Millimeters to Dekameters
Millimeters to Inches
Millimeters to Meters
Millimeters to Micrometers
Yards to Centimeters
Yards to Feet
Yards to Inches
Yards to Meters