Area Conversion

Area conversion calculator for metric and imperial area units and includes several commonly used old measurement systems units.

In metric system (SI), the area unit (derived unit not a base unit) is square metre ("meter" in american spelling), also hectare is a non-SI unit but accepted in SI since commonly used in everyday life. Common imperial and U.S. customary area units are square feet and square yard. Acre is mainly used in U.S. and a few other countries.

Area is amount of surface within two dimensional quantity (square, rectange, triangle etc). It is calculated by different formulas depending on the shape, as can be found here: area calculator.

Area Conversion Tables
Acres to Hectares
Acres to Square Feet
Acres to Square Inch
Acres to Square Kilometer
Acres to Square Meter
Acres to Square Mile
Acres to Square Yard
Hectares to Acres
Hectare to Square Feet
Hectare to Square Inch
Hectare to Square Meter
Hectare to Square Mile
Hectare to Square Kilometer
Hectare to Square Yard
Square Cm to Square Decimeter
Square Centimeter to Square Meter
Square Centimeter to Square mm
Square Feet to Square Centimeter
Square Feet to Hectare
Square Feet to Square Inch
Square Feet to Square Meter
Square Feet to Square Mile
Square Feet to Square Yard
Square Inch to Square Centimeter
Square Inch to Square Feet
Square Inch to Square Meter
Square Millimeter to Square Feet
Square Millimeter to Square Inch
Square Meter to Acre
Square Meter to Hectare
Square Meter to Square Feet
Square Meter to Square Inch
Square Meter to Square Kilometer
Square Meter to Square Mile
Square Meter to Square Yard
Square Yard to Acre
Square Yard to Square Feet
Square Yard to Square Inch
Square Yard to Square Meter
Square Kilometer to Acre
Square Kilometer to Hectare
Square Kilometer to Square Feet
Square Kilometer to Square Meter
Square Kilometer to Square Mile
Square Mile to Acre
Square Mile to Hectare
Square Mile to Square Feet
Square Mile to Square Kilometer
Square Mile to Square Meter
Square Mile to Square Yard