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Our currency converter supports conversions for all currencies worldwide, ensuring you can convert between any currency pairs with ease. Whether you're working with major currencies like the US Dollar (USD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP) or you require conversions for less common currencies, our converter has you covered. Powered by a trusted third-party app, our converter provides real-time exchange rates that are updated every 60 seconds, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

To use our converter, simply enter the desired value in the designated field, select the "from" and "to" currencies, and click the "arrow" button to initiate the conversion. You will be redirected to the currency conversion website "," where you can view the converted result and access additional information if needed.

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Below, you will find an extensive list of currencies that our currency converter supports and updates regularly.

Currency List:

Afghanistan Afghanis - AFN
Albania Leke - ALL
Algeria Dinars - DZD
America (United States) Dollars - USD
Argentina Pesos - ARS
Australia Dollars - AUD
Austria Schillings - ATS*
Bahamas Dollars - BSD
Bahrain Dinars - BHD
Bangladesh Taka - BDT
Barbados Dollars - BBD
Belgium Francs - BEF*
Bermuda Dollars - BMD
Brazil Reais - BRL
Bulgaria Leva - BGN
Canada Dollars - CAD
Chile Pesos - CLP
China Yuan Renminbi - CNY
Colombia Pesos - COP
CFP Francs - XPF
Costa Rica Colones - CRC
Croatia Kuna - HRK
Cyprus Pounds - CYP*
Czech Republic Koruny - CZK
Denmark Kroner - DKK
Deutsche (Germany) Marks - DEM*
Dominican Republic Pesos - DOP
Dutch (Netherlands) Guilders - NLG*
Eastern Caribbean Dollars - XCD
Egypt Pounds - EGP
Estonia Krooni - EEK
Euro - EUR
Fiji Dollars - FJD
Finland Markkaa - FIM*
France Francs - FRF*
Germany Deutsche Marks - DEM*
Greece Drachmae - GRD*
Hong Kong Dollars - HKD
Hungary Forint - HUF
Iceland Kronur - ISK
India Rupees - INR
Indonesia Rupiahs - IDR
Iran Rials - IRR
Iraq Dinars - IQD
Ireland Pounds - IEP*
Israel New Shekels - ILS
Italy Lire - ITL*
Jamaica Dollars - JMD
Japan Yen - JPY
Jordan Dinars - JOD
Kenya Shillings - KES
Korea (South) Won - KRW
Kuwait Dinars - KWD
Lebanon Pounds - LBP
Luxembourg Francs - LUF*
Malaysia Ringgits - MYR
Malta Liri - MTL*
Mauritius Rupees - MUR
Mexico Pesos - MXN
Morocco Dirhams - MAD
New Zealand Dollars - NZD
Norway Kroner - NOK
Oman Rials - OMR
Pakistan Rupees - PKR
Peru Nuevos Soles - PEN
Philippines Pesos - PHP
Poland Zlotych - PLN
Portugal Escudos - PTE*
Qatar Riyals - QAR
Romania New Lei - RON
Romania Lei - ROL*
Russia Rubles - RUB
Saudi Arabia Riyals - SAR
Singapore Dollars - SGD
Slovakia Koruny - SKK
Slovenia Tolars - SIT*
South Africa Rand - ZAR
South Korea Won - KRW
Spain Pesetas - ESP*
Sri Lanka Rupees - LKR
Sudan Pounds - SDG
Sweden Kronor - SEK
Switzerland Francs - CHF
Taiwan New Dollars - TWD
Thailand Baht - THB
Trinidad and Tobago Dollars - TTD
Tunisia Dinars - TND
Turkey New Lira - TRY
United Arab Emirates Dirhams - AED
United Kingdom Pounds - GBP
United States Dollars - USD
Venezuela Bolivares Fuertes - VEF
Vietnam Dong - VND
Zambia Kwacha - ZMK

* Absolute and replaced with EURO

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