Kilograms to Tons Conversion

From kilograms to tons (tonnes) conversion factor is different based on what kind of ton (metric, short for US and long for UK) is used. To find out how many tons in kilograms, multiply by the conversion factors (listed below) or simply use the converters below.

1 Kilogram = 0.001 Metric Ton [Tonnes]

1 Kilogram = 0.00110231131 Short Ton [US]
1 Kilogram = 0.000984206528 Long Ton [UK]

If you are trading internationally, you must know what kind of ton is used in that country to avoid the surprises.

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Kilogram is a base unit of mass in metric system and equals to the mass of one liter of water. 1 kilogram equals to 2.20462262 pounds. The abbreviation is "kg".

Ton is a unit of mass in different measurement systems and usually mistaken with each other. The metric ton (also known as tonnes) is a metric system mass unit and equals to 1000 kilograms or 2204.62262 pounds. The short ton (also known as net ton) equals to 2000 pounds and used in north america (united states and canada) and finally the long ton (also known as weight ton or gross ton) is used in imperial system (UK and some of the other english speaking countries) and defined as 2240 pounds or 1016 kilograms.